Banana Boat


Banana Boat in Ibiza, one of the most typical water activities in the area along with scuba diving, jet skiing and, of course, sailing.


Have the most fun on the water with our exciting Banana Boat for only €30!

Looking for an extra dose of aquatic fun? You have it! Get on board our Banana Boat and enjoy a ride full of adrenaline for only €30. Glide over the waves, laughing and feeling the excitement as you sway and hold tight to the banana as it is pulled by a speedboat.

Our team is in charge of guaranteeing your safety so that you can only focus on having fun. Gather your friends and family for this exciting water adventure for only €20! Don't miss this experience full of laughter and emotion. Book your Banana Boat ride today and get ready for a day full of water fun.


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