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Cueva De La Luz How to get there?

Cueva de la LUZ

It is one of the most beautiful places on the island, from the way to get there to the beauty of the cave.
The Cueva de la Luz has a fascinating history dating back centuries. According to local legends, this mysterious place has been used by various cultures throughout the ages, from indigenous rituals to pirate hideouts. What secrets does this underground sanctuary hold?

From Visit Ibiza we tell you how to find this natural wonder.

Mysteries and legends of the place.

The cave has a rich history and is shrouded in various local legends and myths. Here are some of the most popular legends:

According to the legend, the Cave of Light was the home of a witch with powerful knowledge of herbs and natural remedies. A mysterious glow is said to emanate from inside the cave, distinguishing it from other caves in the area.

Known for her healing powers, the witch often helped sick or needy villagers who came to her for help. However, she is also said to have a dark side and can punish those who offend or defy her.

One of the best known stories tells of a young fisherman who ventured into the cave in search of remedies for his ailing mother. The witch received him kindly and provided him with the necessary herbs to cure his mother. However, she warned the young man not to tell anyone about his encounter in the cave.
The young man, excited by the miraculous encounter, shared the story with other locals. This enraged the witch, who chased him with her magic and transformed him into a stone statue that is still said to be inside the cave.
Since then, the Cave of Light is said to be haunted and those who venture inside can feel the presence of the witch and hear her whispers. The cave has become a popular tourist destination and is often visited to experience its mystery and natural beauty, as well as to hear the stories and legends that surround it.

Another of the legends told is that of the hiding place of the pirates and tartessosAccording to the ancient documents found, they used this cave as a refuge and exchange of goods that were not legal at that time. It is even said that there is still a treasure hidden under the waters of the cave.


Cave of Light

How to get to the cave of light

A beautiful place worth visiting both in summer and winter. We leave San Mateo in the direction of Cala Aubarca Once we reach the crossroads to go down to Cala Aubarca, we continue along the cliffs, always on a wide path, which you can't miss. The path becomes narrower and narrower until you reach a small crossroads where you can turn left and take the route to Portitxol or go down to the Cueva de la Luz (Cave of Light). You pass by a beautiful ruined house and cross the old fields and areas where you can see the abundance of water that existed in times gone by. The path is actually quite easy to follow because to get to the cave you have to go down to the sea and there are not many options. The cave is located on a cape. At the top of the cape there is an ancient spring with a basin where the water was collected. From the basin, to get to the cave you have to be careful, just like in the cave, where, with care, you can reach the water. The cave connects to the open sea, from where the light pours in. It is usually full of fish.

Click here Here is the google maps location of the cave.

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