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The Best Places to Eat in Ibiza: A Gastronomic Guide

Ibiza is famous for its pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife and rich history. But the island is also a gastronomic paradise, with a variety of restaurants offering everything from traditional dishes to international cuisine. From Visit Ibiza we present a list of the best places to eat in Ibiza.

1. Lunch at Bar San Juan (Ibiza Town)

Bar San Juan
Bar San Juan Ibiza

We begin our culinary excursion in the emblematic city of Ibiza, specifically in the Food Bar San Juan. This place is famous for its authentic home cooking and affordable prices. It offers a variety of main courses, such as grilled cuttlefish and veal steak, at very reasonable prices.

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2. Simbiosis (Ibiza Town)

Restaurante Simbiosis
Simbiosis Ibiza Restaurant

If you are looking for vegan options in Ibiza, Symbiosis is the ideal place. Although it is not extremely cheap, it justifies its price with quality local produce. Here you can enjoy vegan, vegetarian and raw vegan dishes.

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3. Anima Eivissa (Playa d'en Bossa)

Italian restaurant Anima

For pizza lovers, Anima Eivissa is a must. This Italian restaurant offers some of the best pizza on the island at excellent prices. They also serve pasta dishes and other main courses.

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4. Street Ibiza (San Antonio)

Street Food
Street Food

Located in San Antonio, Street Ibiza is known for its delicious burgers. Here you can enjoy a wide variety of gourmet burgers, all made with fresh and tasty ingredients.

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5. Rita's Cantina (San Antonio)

Ritas San Antonio

Rita's Cantina is another great place to enjoy a tasty and affordable meal in San Antonio. This restaurant is famous for its crepes, both sweet and savoury. They also serve hearty breakfasts and other dishes. It is located just off the pier at rental boats without a licence.

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6. Bar Anita (San Carlos)

Bar Anita instagram

Bar Anita, o Ca n'Anneta as it is known by the locals, is an obligatory stop in the San Carlos area. This bar offers simple but tasty homemade food. Its specialities include montaditos and meat and fish dishes.

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7. Bar Costa (Santa Gertrudis)

Bar Costa

The Bar Costa in Santa Gertrudis is famous for its quality sausage sandwiches. Here you can enjoy a variety of sandwiches filled with the most varied cured meats, from Serrano ham to deer sausage.

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8. Ca n'Anneta - Bar Anita (Sant Carles de Peralta)

Ca n'Anneta

Ca n'Anneta - Bar Anita is a must for any traveller who wants to enjoy the local gastronomy. It is famous for its homemade Ibizan herb liqueur and its extensive tapas menu.

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9. Cas Pagés (Santa Eulària des Riu)


Cas Pagés is another of the places to eat in Ibiza most recommended by travellers and locals. This restaurant offers such typical and delicious dishes as the ensalada payesa and the arroz de matanzas.

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10. Casa Kica (Santa Eulària des Riu)

KIKA House

Finally, Kica House is another of Ibiza's most popular restaurants for lovers of signature cuisine. The restaurant is located in a charming setting and offers a variety of delicious dishes.

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Ibiza has a wide range of restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you're looking for a quick and affordable meal or a high-end culinary experience, Ibiza has something to offer. Enjoy your meal!

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  • Ibiza is full of fantastic places to eat, thanks for this guide to gastronomic routes on the island ❤️

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